Release Forms
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    Adult and Minor Forms




General Rules

1.     Pit bike riding is walking speed, only to and from the racetrack!!!

2.     Adults only driving (golf carts, mules, 4 wheeler etc)

3.     What ever your age is of January 1st, is the age you must be for the season!!!

4.     If a rider is too fast for a certain class, we can move your rider up to the correct

class.  Your rider will carry his points with him.

5.     To reserve your racing number, you must sign up for the season.

6.     150cc bike can sign up in the 85cc class (no big wheels)

7.     All pre entries are not refundable

8.     Rider and bike must complete at least half of the laps, and cross the checkered flag

to receive a finish. If not, rider will receive a DNF

9.     No passing, no jumping under yellow or medical flag. If caught, rider can receive

2 spots to 1 lap penalty.

10. Rider must file protest within 15 min of race being posted, if there is a complaint.

11. All stock classes must be stock appearing (Rider can change handle bars

and sprockets)

12. We will use he AMA rulebook to resolve issues, if there is an problem and we

don’t have the rule stated.

13. All riders must have a membership. Rider must have a release form fully notarized,

if rider is under 18 and parents are not present.

14. Please respect our property and follow the rules. Have fun!!!

15. While racing, if you get off the track, you must enter back on the track at the nearest

safest spot, without bettering your position.


Supercross Format

Each race will include two moto's per night. Unless your class has over 20 riders, then we will have a 2 race heat qualifier which takes 8 riders per heat straight to the main event. There will be an additional last chance qualifier that takes 2 riders to there main event. If your class has less than 20 riders, we will divide your class into two hears. Everyone will make it to the main event. Your first heat will determine your gate picks for the main event. The main event will be your final result for the night. The main event only counts towards points.

Motocross Format

Two races added together. The lowest score is the winner in a case of a tie. The second race decides the overall placing.  Both races together are defining your points.